About Us

Director Matthew Deal has over 20 years working in the building industry. Leaving school aged 17, he entered the workforce as a trainee bricklayer. Matthew quickly adapted to his new environment and developed a thirst for understanding different construction techniques and requirements of the building industry.

Matthew was involved with most types of buildings during his work as a bricklayer. From simple garden walls, to additions & dwellings, large scale unit development, apartment blocks and large factory/warehouse buildings.

After eight years of working as a bricklayer Matthew transitioned into Local Government where he identified the role of a building surveyor, and commencing his career. Matthew has worked at numerous local governments where he has been involved in a vast degree of building projects, ranging from simple residential construction projects to complex commercial projects.

In the past three years Inclusive Building Consultants have developed a significant client base state-wide which has provided many opportunities for Matthew to provide his knowledge and certification services to his clients to enable their projects to commence and be completed knowing that the end product will be fully compliant with all of the relevant legislative requirements, minimising time delays through the approval process and identifying issues to provide a construction cost saving.

During this period Inclusive Building Consultants have completed the certification of many different building projects. From residential additions and dwellings, unit development, apartment buildings, commercial shops and offices, warehouses, schools and storage buildings. Many of these projects included alternative products and building techniques as well as alternative/performance based solutions to address Building Code compliance issues.

Matthew is well placed to provide expert advice on your next project